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Our Minister

catherine oxenford-grant

Our former minister,  was Catherine Oxenford-Grant. Catherine started with us on January 1, 2018. Catherine retired at the end of June 2023. We thank her for the 5 years that she served with us and wish her well in her future endeavors.




Our Worship Team

While we undertake the process of calling a new minister, our worship services will be conducted on alternating Sundays by our worship team.

Sheila Anthomy.jpg

Sheila Anthony

Sheila is a Licensed Lay Worship Leader. Sheila became a L.L.W.L after retiring from her teaching career. She has led worship services in several churches in the area including Northbrook United Church and St. Matthew’s United Church in Kingston.



Ian MacKay.jpg

Rev. Ian MacKay

Ian is a Retired Voluntary Minister. He has served many congregations over the years including Edith Rankin Memorial United Church in Kingston and St. Lambert United Church in St. Lambert Quebec

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Our Administrative Assistant

Our administrative assistant is Rebecca Peters. Rebecca has been with us since September 2018. Rebecca is in the office on Thursdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.


Rebecca also manages bookings for the church facilities at Trinity.


Rebecca can be contacted at:

·       The Church office - 613 374-2777

·       Email: office@h-vpastoralcharge.org




Joyce Casement - 613 374-3406


Music Director


Stan Stinchcombe  - 613 583 - 7826






Don Coleman - 613 483-2450