Trinity United Church – Verona

Annual Congregational Meeting


Sunday, February 5, 2012



Attendance: quorum was present and consisted of: Reverend Patsy Henry, Lynda Boulter, Doug Boulter, Don Coleman, John McDougall, Dorina Friedli, Ann McDougall, Suzanne Clarke, Darlene Nicol, Jennifer Bennett, Barbara Stewart, Muriel York, Ralph McInnes, Annabelle Twiddy, Vera Brown, Andy Adamson, Jane Adamson, Denny Buchanan, Millie Cuthill, Diane Buchanan, Connie Shibley, Glenda Turner, Carl Turner


  1. Constitution of the Meeting – Lynda Boulter opened the meeting at 12:30

“In the name of Jesus Christ, the one and only Head of the Church, I call to order this meeting of Trinity United Church congregation for all business that shall rightly come before it.”


  1. Opening Prayer - Reverend Patsy Henry led us in prayer.


  1. Election of Chairperson and Secretary/Alternate Chairperson and Secretary

a)      Responsibilities are as follows:

i)                    Chairperson and Secretary take on that position for the year

ii)                   Chairperson and Secretary take on starting the next annual meeting until the election of the new chairperson and secretary

iii)                 Chairperson sets the agenda for the next annual meeting

b)      Discussion ensued regarding the roles of Chairperson and Secretary for the Trinity Congregation on a year to year basis.  It was moved by Doug Boulter that Trinity United Church go to the model of having a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and a Past Chairperson for the Congregational meetings.  Seconded by Glenda Turner.  Carried unanimously.

c)      A second motion moved by John McDougall was that Trinity United Church go to the model of having a Secretary, a Vice Secretary and a Past Secretary for the Congregational meetings.  Seconded by Susanne Clarke.  Carried.

d)      Lynda Boulter volunteered to be Chairperson for 2012.  Glenda Turner volunteered to be Vice Chairperson.

e)      Diane Buchanan volunteered to be Secretary for 2012.  John McDougall volunteered to be Vice Secretary.


  1. Approval of Agenda – given no further additions to the agenda, Lynda Boulter moved acceptance of the agenda.  Don Coleman seconded the motion.  Carried.


  1. Motion re Corresponding Members

“That all persons present who are not full members of Trinity United Church be made corresponding members for this meeting.”  Moved by Lynda Boulter, seconded by Doug Boulter. Carried.


  1. Minutes of Previous Meetings – February 13, 2011; May 15, 2011; June 5, 2011; November 27, 2011; December 11, 2011.  The following corrections were noted:

a)      February 13, 2011, a. Date should be January 31, 2010.

b)      June 5, 2011 name changes to: Diane Buchanan, Denny Buchanan, Hannes Friedli

c)      Diane Buchanan moved “that all minutes be accepted as corrected in the 2011 Annual Report”.  Seconded by Jane Adamson.  Carried


  1. Business Arising from the Minutes

a)      Property Committee/New Roof – Carl Turner reported that several quotes were acquired and the best chosen.  The roof has been replaced and paid for.


  1. Correspondence – there was no correspondence received.


  1. Pastoral Charge Reports – edits noted next to those reports – corrections or revisions

a)      Minister’s Report

b)      Baptisms, Marriages, In Memoriam, New Members – last line, spelling – Maximillian McInnes

c)      Ministry and Personnel Committee Revised Report was submitted.

d)      Official Board Report – 3rd paragraph – ‘Interim’ changed to ‘Supply’

e)      The Bridge Newsletter Report 2011

f)        Christmas Food Hamper Report – 6th & 7th paragraphs - Spelling errors – Mild to Milk; tanks to Thanks

g)      Joint Worship Committee Report

h)      Manse Committee Report

i)        Harrowsmith-Verona Web Site Report

j)        Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Financial Report – Operating Budget – date changed to 2011

k)      Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Financial Report – Mission and Service, Local Outreach, Computer Fund – date changed to 2011

l)        Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge – Budget for 2012

m)    Presbytery Report/Trinity United Church Presbytery Report

n)      Joint Needs Assessment and Joint Search Committee Report (JANC) (Addendum) – Spelling change to title: Assessment and in 1st paragraph to name McInnes


  1.   Motion: Jane Adamson moved that we accept all of the Pastoral Charge Reports with changes (noted above) as corrected and revised.  Seconded by Carl Turner.  Carried.


  1.   Congregational Reports

a)      Officers and Committee Members for 2011

b)      Session Report

c)      Stewards Report

d)      Board of Trustees Report

e)      United Church Women Report 

f)        Presbytery Report – also accepted as Official Board report

g)      Trinity Choir Report

h)      Funeral Reception Report

i)        Sunday School Report

j)        Trinity United Church Choir Financial Statement 2011

k)      Trinity Financial Report – Local Expenses, Envelope Givings, Analysis

l)        Trinity Financial Report  - Mission and Service, Building Fund, Local Outreach, External Charities

m)    Trinity Financial Report – Memorial Fund, Stained Glass Windows, Kitchen Fund, U. C. W., Sisters in Spirit, Trust Fund

n)      Trinity Local Expenses – Income and Expenses, and Budget for 2012


  1. Motion: Denny Buchanan moved that all Congregational Reports in the 2011 Annual Report be accepted with changes as noted above.  Seconded by Ann McDougall.  Carried.


  1. A note of thanks will be sent to Pathfinders for their help in compiling the Annual Report.


  1. Report of the Nominations Committee – Connie Shibley presented the Nominations for the 2012 committees.  Connie moved the acceptance of the Nominations committee report.  Seconded by Jennifer Bennett.  Carried.  This report will be included in the Annual Report once updated.


  1. Additional Elections

a)      Congregational Representative to Nominations Committee – Ann McDougall

b)      Pastoral Charge Financial Examiner (1 from each church) – Connie Shibley

c)      Official Board /Chairperson Erma Bracken/Secretary/Vice Chairperson – Andy Adamson for Vice chairperson.  Secretary position is vacant and needs to be filled by Trinity. 

d)      Congregational Financial Examiner (1) – Marilyn Duffe

e)      Accessibility Officer (#3.4 of Policy Statement) – Diane Buchanan & Dorina Friedli

f)        Altar Committee – Suzanne Clarke and Lauren Clarke-Ross


  1. Report of the Financial Examiners – Connie Shibley reported that Amy Cordson and she found the books to be in very good order.  Motion by Connie Shibley for acceptance of the report as presented.  Seconded by Glenda Turner, carried.


  1. New Business

a)      126th Anniversary Celebrations, June 10, 2012

i)  suggestions for guest speaker include Wendy Brown a previous theology student, Mike Webster and individuals from the 2011 Annual Congregational Meeting minutes of January 31, 2011

ii) volunteer(s) to organize celebration – will ask the congregation

b)      Accessibility Standards for Customer Service/Policy Statement/ Accessibility Officer/copies were available at the meeting – Diane Buchanan, past Chair of the Stewards committee highlighted the purpose and development of the Trinity United Church – Verona Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy Statement – January 2012.  The logistics of implementation of this policy will be worked out with Stewards committee.  Diane moved acceptance of the Policy as written and presented.  Seconded by Denny Buchanan.  Carried. 

c)      Photo Directory – Session would like to have an up-to-date photo directory.  John McDougall moved the congregation proceed with this.  Seconded by Ann McDougall.  Carried.  It was recommended that consideration be given to the distribution of these, so that members receive copies.

d)      Requirement of an Alternate to sign cheques.  John McDougall moved that the alternate for check signing be the Chair of Stewards as this person is most likely up-to-date with the churches finances.  Seconded by Denny Buchanan.  Carried.

e)      Update/Revise – revisions or updates to the following will be managed by committees as follows

i)  Caretaker/Manager’s Manual (2007) – Ministry & Personnel and Stewards

ii) Use of Halls – Stewards and Property

iii)     Church Information Flyer - Session

iv)     Church Governance Information (2008) - Session

v)      Renter’s Checklist - Stewards

f)        Thank you notes will be sent to Leona Andrew and Reverend Patsy Henry by Vera Brown

g)      Note of congratulations related to their improved financial status will be sent to St. Paul’s United Church

h)      Trinity congregation summer picnic to be held Saturday, July 21st at the Adamson’s

i)        Trinity former minister, the Reverend Dr John Young, is one of six nominated for Moderator of the United Church of Canada.  A letter of congratulations on his nomination will be sent to him by Vera Brown


  1. Adjournment at 3:00 p.m.





__________________________________                ________________________________

Lynda Boulter, Chairperson                                                      Diane Buchanan, Secretary